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its me again. hi everyone
im still around guys : D
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Andrea - Our Brightest Star    

Andrea - Our Brightest Star

boybellamy, Feb 5, 13 3:00 PM.

Night Gathers and Now my Watch begins.....

I am the Sword in the Darkness... 
I am the Watcher on the Wall... 
I am the Fire that burns against the Cold...
I am the Shield of my fellow Brothers and Sisters...

I shall wear no Crown nor hold no lands...
I shall win no personal Glory but strive to honor my Brothers/sisters on the Wall...

I Pledge my Life and Honor to Astralis from this night and for all nights to come!

Carpe Diem!

To my Best Friend....

squirtguns, Nov 10, 12 9:20 PM.
To those who may not have heard.... our very own Bullmeister passed away on Friday night from an apparent heart attack.  Astralis has a new star looking over us all. 

On a personal note, I will sorely miss my best friend.  She was the heart and soul of this guild for a very long time.  I will miss her laugh and exasperation when I charge into a mess and she has to save me once again.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.  As for our family... it runs deep and my love to you all.



Marco, Nov 10, 12 5:07 PM.
Bullmeister you will be missed so very much.

We had alot of  wonderful times playing and talking.

Rest in peace my Friend



aschilling, Aug 22, 12 11:47 PM.

I see so many people log in during the week and very few log in for GRB.


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Guild Individual Ranking System    
In an effort to identify our members, we, the officers and I, have established an new individual ranking system.  Hopefully this will make playing with specific guild members a bit easier - not only to identify but also who we need to protect (ie um's toons).

Rank 1: Guild Leader
Rank 2: Officers of guild - primary toon
Rank 3: UM's
Rank 4: Uber HM's
Rank 5: Leaders of committees... People whom help manage Guild, (GRB, GuildWarehouse,Etin , Public Relations, Language Translator, Recruiting, and Morale) they are respected as Officers.
Rank 6: HM's/Uber NM's
Rank 7: NM's
Rank 8: New members to Astralis
Rank 9: Probationary toons.... please discuss getting off this list with an officer or Guild leader.

Please let an Officer or Guild leader know if your character is in the wrong category.  There are alot of characters out there so please bear with us as we slowly get everyone into right category.

All unknown's will be put in category 8 until we are told otherwise or if I finally figure it out.

Have fun - and go kill a lightie for me!
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